Winchester Xpert HV .22 LR Ammo

05-23-2011, 03:34 AM
Our BIG 5 Sporting Goods had a special on this .22 ammo at $19.99 per box of 500 rounds. The only thing I see odd about the round is the lead bullet is tapered, not truncated, and terminates in a flat hollow-point, a shape new to me. The brass appears normal but the 37 grain bullets are installed much looser than normal for a heeled bullet. The lead deflects quite easily but I don't think enough to effect feeding in bolt, pump or lever .22 rifles. But semi-auto's MAY be a problem, I don't really know.

Has anyone used these Winchester Xpert HV 1.280 FPS pills? Any good or bad results?

Also, as trivia, this ammo box is labeled as 1,280 FPS/1,280 PI/SEC. What does PI stand for?

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05-24-2011, 06:45 AM
I've used it before and had no problems with it in any of my rifles or pistols, semis included. But I've never paid more then $9.95 for a brick but then its been a while since I've bought any. Been shooting Federal bulk box latley.

05-24-2011, 03:05 PM
bluedlightning - I did a Yahoo search on this ammo (10 websites) and found the "opinion" results pretty interesting. A decided majority of people ( 60-70%) had no problems and most offered praise for it. A half dozen people had 1 or 2 duds out of a 300 to 500 round shooting.

Then you get complaints which are interesting. 10-12 people had failure to cycle problems in Ruger .22/45 & Kimber Conversion pistols, some complained of failure to cycle and "gumming up" of their Ruger 10/.22's, one S&W Model 18 "gummed up" and about 5 people with S&W double-action revolvers (M613 or 615?) had horrible leading and keyhole target problems! One of the S&W double-action boys stated that he discovered S&W hadn't cut a forcing cone into the barrel. Then another like model owner stated the same. Both guns were repaired by S&W.

One respondent conveyed his method for disposal of suspect or lousey .22 LR ammo:

"I usually just demill this stuff to recover the lead bullets. I take a heavy cast iron dutch oven, put it on top of my cajun cooker, turn the flame on, and put a brick on top. then come back after the popping stops, skim off the brass, and use the lead to make bullets.
You could also take it out to the desert and set it on fire. Just try to be 20+feet away."

I've come away from this survey with a couple of observations and answers. 1) The rather loose bullet leads are normal with this Xpert HV ammo. 2) I suspect a great many "plinkers" practice less than adequate cleaning and preventative maintenance on their firearms. 3) Quality escapes are still alive and well in the firearms manufacturing industry. 4) There are some really adventuresome and frugal people out there!

05-24-2011, 06:24 PM
22s tend to be real picky on what you feed them. What works for one gun don't work for the other. I have a marlin semi-auto that just hates reminton ammo but everything els loves it. So just try a little of everything and stock up on what you gun likes.

05-24-2011, 09:34 PM
But Have a few bricks of HV stuff, Winchester, Federal, Aguila... :whatever:
My only shooter No-No is REMINGTON:down: = must be a personal Ju-Ju, but Remington loads, both CF & RF have given me more grief over the years, than everything else combined. I have had Remington GB's so loose in their cases that the bullets could be extracted manually. The powder looked like floor sweepings.... didn't have an electronic scale at the time, so did not do weight comparisons on the bullets. :psycho:
Hmmmm..... Scuse the thread drift here:blush:, the topic was Winchester??? -
No problems here:D

05-25-2011, 04:39 PM
Seeing as how most of the forum postings I read that criticized this ammo were written by folks who used semi-auto pistols and rifles, and I suspect that their "gummed-up" guns and "key-holing" results may be mostly attributed to "dirty guns", my case of mini-anxiety has gone into remission. I only have bolt, pump, lever and single action arms in .22 LR and only some truncated bullets have on occasion exhibited feeding glitches in the pump and lever rifles, never the bolt or single action handguns. My Ceiner .22 Conversion for .45 ACP digests anything!

05-28-2011, 05:53 AM
Steve over the years I have shot several thousand rounds of the HV's.
Never had no big problem with them and have run them threw all my .22's, auto's,pump's.leavers etc.
Had a few FTF,but no more than normal for the amount of shoot'n I do. An I keep my rifles clean.

Like Blammer, Remington's are a no go for me.

I shoot Federal mostly these day,I can get the bulk 550 packs for 18.97
at the local WallyWorld, the Fed. Champions and the American Eagle's, I order by the case.

I've shot a lot of the more popular bulk ammo around over the years,but anymore I put a lot of it on the 'Why Bother' list.

I've found the Fed's "work for me' so 'why bother' with anything else.,,:)

05-28-2011, 03:10 PM
Thanks folks! I suppose if these or any other bulk brands are found to be significantly "bad and gummy" I can just give 'em the old Dutch-oven treatment for lead salvage, eh?

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