32 H&R mag

03-20-2008, 01:42 PM
Hello all,I have a 6 1/2" Ruger SSM and two 6" S&W 16-4 in 32 H&R And use a RCBS 098-SWC mold And have a **** load of Hornady xtp 85's I got at midway on there last bleam sale.I no theres a lot of 32 fans here so what I would like to no is whats the most accurate load you have every come up with for the 32 H&R ?Can you tell this is my favorite caliber:D Thanks all..

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03-20-2008, 08:16 PM
Welcome to the Ranch Rob.

Sorry, no knowledge of said cartridge. I'm sure somebody does around here though

03-20-2008, 08:35 PM
I don't reload and around here I'm lucky to pay less than $.50 a round. One of my favorite calibers but I can't shoot it much. :(

03-20-2008, 09:02 PM
I expect Hammerdown will be around shortly. As far as I know he has the most extensive experience (in this forum) handloading for the .32 mag and has shown some pictures of mighty fine groups from his Model 16. I have two of the Ruger Super Single Sixs in that chambering (4&5/8s and 6&1/2 barrels) and am really fond of it. But I don't handload for it as yet.

And welcome to the ranch. :)

03-20-2008, 10:32 PM
Load based on Sierra's accuracy load for their 90 grainer. 9.0 grains VV N-110, standard Federal small pistol primer, Hdy 85 xtp in a Starline case. 1225 fps from 6 1/2 Ruger.

While not a rompin stompin load, excellent accuracy and better case life.

03-20-2008, 10:41 PM
Quite honestly I know no one who reloads the .32 H&R Mag.

:HI: :welcome:

03-21-2008, 08:51 AM
I have several of these as well. A Ruger 'Buckeye Special' as well. I use a 800X load, with Hornaday bullets. I gave the load to Hammer and he used it for awhile, but came up with something he liked better. :) I am right on the brink of picking up one of those Marlins in 32 Mag. I need to get off the fence on that one. :D:up:

Wayne the Shrink
03-21-2008, 12:10 PM
Ask at Castboolits.gunloads.com There's several very experienced guys there shooting the .32's, from the lemon squeezers to the Mags. Do a search on the Revolvers and Handguns forum before you ask.

03-21-2008, 04:27 PM
Thanks for the welcome all.

03-21-2008, 07:15 PM
I have two 32 mags. One is a model 16-4 and the other is a Dan Wesson with a 2 and 6" barrel. I like the cartridge quite a bit. I do reload for them since purchasing ammo is a bit on the tough side. I have always used loads straight from the books. I have shot a lot of lead bullets and have used mostly the 3 grains of bullseye with a lead wadcutter. This is a very nice load. I also load with the hollow points. I use them as chasers after several cylinders of lead. My barrel stays fairly clean. I also use the HPs for hunting rabbits. It is a very nice round. I have used the blue dot with that bullet with good success. I have also used the bullseye and unique with them but I liked the blue dot better. With the model 16, I was getting better results with the 85 grain HP. With the DW I was getting better results with the 100 gr. I moved 3 years ago and still haven't quite gotten the house construction completed so shooting has been on the back burner. I am about out of lead rounds so will need to fire up the press the summer. It is a great caliber for teaching someone new to handgun as well as a good little small game caliber. With a bit of a hot load, it can be an effective close range defense round. Rick

03-21-2008, 07:58 PM
Rob- I forgot to add, STAY AWAY from Federal brass. TOO THIN :( I have seen factory ammo split on the first firing. :down: RES- I would think wadcutters would be a GREAT round. Where do you find such treasures?? :) Here we have a few being loaded. :)

03-22-2008, 01:09 AM
I am a .32 fan (.32 S&W L and .32 H&R Mag). I shoot my several .32's a LOT.

I cast my own bullets and reload.

My most used load is a target load (25 and 50 yards). Using .32 S&W L cases behind a 100 grain Keith bullet (similar to the RCBS 98 SWC) with 2.8 grs of Win 231. If using the .32 H&R cases, same bullet, 3.2 grs of 231.

Max load in .32 H&R cases, 9.5 grs of H110. This chronographs 1100 fps in a 6" S&W 16-4 with a 120 RF cast bullet.

Hornady's wadcutter bullet in .32 S&W L cases and 2.0 grs Bullseye works well for target and small game.

I have an S&W 631 (4" barrel) .32 H&R.
16-4 (6" barrel) .32 H&r
SP101 Ruger in .32 H&R
S&W Model 30 snubnose in .32 S&W L

I load a 1000 at a time so I am ALWAYS ready to go for field and range.


03-22-2008, 07:19 AM
Rob- I forgot to add, STAY AWAY from Federal brass. TOO THIN :( I have seen factory ammo split on the first firing. :down: RES- I would think wadcutters would be a GREAT round. Where do you find such treasures?? :) Here we have a few being loaded. :)

First, I have shot two boxes of the federal ammo and split 50% of the cases straight out of the box. Now to be sure, that was about 10 years ago right after I bought the SW which was my first gun. I bought a bunch of brass through starline and they have been holding up very well. As for the wadcutters, I reloaded a box of the Hornady's and they did fine but I then the guy that had sold me the SW called and offered me a bullet mold that was a wadcutter. I like them. If you are punching paper they sure do make some nice clean holes. With the squirrels, they really put a whollop on them. I haven't cast any in the last couple of years due to my attention to building my house but I hope to get to a lot more shooting this summer. Rick

03-22-2008, 02:56 PM
I have been fortunate so far with the Federal brass that I have. I bought a lot of 1,500 some years back and haven't seen any splits thus far.

Currently, I have 3 .32 H&R Magnums:

Gary Reeder Single Six
S&W 16-4 4"
Marlin 1894CB32

03-22-2008, 04:46 PM
Thank you all. There is some really nice people here:up:

03-22-2008, 09:24 PM
Thank you all. There is some really nice people here:up:

Hello Rob
A Big Welcome to The Forum. I am a .32 Caliber Freak. I have Liked the .32 Caliber since I was a Little kid. The .32 H&R magnum is the most Under Rted Cartridghe I have ever handloaded. The Factory Rounds Suck to put it Point Blank. It reminds me of a .22 CB Cap Load compared to a .22 Magnum when expanded and Played with. I have used Hornady 85 & 100 Grain XTP Bullets extensivly while loading this Hot Little round. My problem is not with the Load, But with the Older Powder suggestions. I have Tried Unique, Bulls Eye, and 800-X & Hodgens Clays and Not Liked any of them, due to they are way too Filthy for me. I ventured to go out on a Limb and Experiment with Powders Never used before in this round. I started off with Hogdens H-110. It is a Magnum Powder that get's Fast Velocity & Lot's of Flash out of The barrel, But I could not get Consistent Loads with it and it was Much to spikey for me. If you try to trim back on this powder it spikes real fast and can be real Unpredictable, so I will NOT recommend it. I did get my Fastest clocked velocity from it though, at 1450 Using an 85 grain Bullet which is almost .357 magnum speed. :psycho: I recently ran a Battery of test's using Hodgens Tight Group Powder along with 200 New Trimmed Cases that are starline Brand and are the best I have found for this round. This Tight Group is the Most Universal Powder I have ever used in all my Calibers across trhe board Bar None. It is clean, Fast Burning and Leaves a revolver rather clean when you are done shooting compared to the older Fossil Powders Mentioned above. I Loaded a Medium charge of this Load at 3.5 Grains of Tight Group using a 85 Grain Hornady XTP Bullet and Noticed The primers were just starting to show Mild Flattening, Extraction was easy with No case stretch, and it showed me One Hole groups at the 25 Yard Line as shown on a B-27 Man sized target. After shooting 100 Rounds of it, You can Barely tell your revolver has been fired that is how Clean this Powder Burns and it does not take much to get a Load out of it as the load for the .32 H&R magnum is From 2.7 grains to 3.7 grains, So a Pound Goes a Long Ways. One thing that is very Important while using this is to have a Medium, to heavy Bullet crimp. if you crimp too lightly it will Pull Bullets out enough to Bind up an action. :mad: This Load Proved to be very consistent in my S&W Model 16-4 and I would start on the bottom when loading it and I have not fired it in a smaller-J-Frame so can not tell you how well it does in one. I hope this helps, Hammerdown


04-03-2008, 01:12 AM
The sorry Federal Brass from the initial lots of factory ammo is NOT an urban myth. My experience mirrored RES's. Soon after this round was introduced, Federal stopped selling components to their customers (GR-r-r-r-r!!:down:).

However, that ended up being somewhat of a blessing as I was forced to use S&W L brass. I had a friend who was in the commercial reloading business. He sold me several thousand .32 S&W L cases and I was able to develop the excellent target loads listed in my first post. Later, when Starline announced that they were going to make .32 H&R brass, I signed up for a couple of thousand.

Most of my work with this caliber have been with the "LONG" cases as I am mostly interested in target and edible small game loads. The S&W L cases handle this quite well.

I got in on a couple of Group Buy six cavity bullet moulds from Lee (one a 120gr RF and the other has become my "go to" bullet- a 100 gr Keith). I was also able to buy a used (now discontinued) W/C six cavity Lee mould from a Forum friend. I shoot several thousand .32 rounds per year and really enjoy these fine firearms. I see them as target and small game rounds. I do not see them as self defense rounds for me (I tend to carry a S&W 642 .38 +P for that purpose). However, if I had nothing else I doubt that I would feel terribly undergunned. Shot placement is far more important than caliber for self defense and I CAN place my shots:D.


04-03-2008, 09:49 AM
H110 with a 85gr JHP, some like them hot, handguns that is. The Ruger may like the rounds hot or near max load.

06-11-2013, 03:56 AM
Its been awhile since I been on this thread and Hammer gave me some good advice on the modes S&W 16- 4 32 H&R mag, Since then I have 2 Ruger adjustable sight single six 16-4s and 4 more S&W 16 -4s and two still in the box thats never been shot all 6'' which makes 5 now ! And I would never in a million years rechamber them to the 327,There just to rare of a gun to rechamber them, And hurts their resale bad to! If I Really wanted a 327 I would buy the gun that was made for it .Everyone says the 327 is what the 32 h&r should have been, But its not, Its like the 357 mag and the 38 spl as it was never meant to be a 357 mag just like 44 mag and 44 spc.But thats just me.Everyone has their own taste. So Please don't send me hate mail LOL. I'm a 32 H&R freak I love them and always have and always will.And I have over a hundred 60 handguns. So anyway who has the best reload for the 32 H&R 85 gr hornady,hp as I have about 60 boxes of then. I tried the Tight group 3.5 gr load with not too good results . Any help thanks.

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